Innovative & Independent

Welcome to M|E|W Consul.

 M|E|W Consul is an independent and innovative investment bank kiosk.

Our core competency lies in the field of risk management for companies and institutional investors, as well as government and supranational organisations.

The main objective is development and implementation of genuine, wide-ranging alternatives in the area of risk management, for which new and unconventional approaches can also be taken if required.

The current focus is Project KLF, establish capital-based liquidity back-up insurance market for companies against future disruptions in the areas of external financing/credit mechanisms, as well as the limiting of negative feedback loops in the event of credit squeezes.

Project KLF is part of the digitalisation of the economy.

Project KLF allows companies to have a stable and calculable future cap on their debt financing costs again, throughout all market phases, whilst providing investors who are aiming for regular income with a safe investment tool and mitigating the effects of a low interest rate environment.

Rising costs of derivative transactions for hedging purposes against interest rate, currency, commodity or other price risks due to tighter regulatory requirements under EMIR - European Market Infrastructure Regulation and soon the MiFID II - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II can also be mitigated.

M|E|W Consul was founded in 2007 by Manfred E. Will in Konstanz, Germany.

The affix "Consul", Old High German for appointed alderman/leader and referred to in the diplomatic service - Corpse Consulaire - symbolises M|E|W Consul’s focus on true innovation - revolutionary as opposed to evolutionary.

In turn, an absolute prerequisite for true innovation is complete independence, freedom from any kind of ties or obligations, economic dependencies and competing interests/business areas, etc. pp.


"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" - Walter Bagehot